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At NF7 you invest in tokenized securities. 

The Future is tokenized

Invest in real, tradable assets

NF7 gives investors access to new asset classes.


Tokenization creates new opportunities for investors. With NF7, you invest in exclusive asset classes.


Open an account and invest in minutes.


Your tokenized securities are BaFin regulated and are custodied in Germany.

Enjoy the advantages of the blockchain

The blockchain offers the possibility of issuing tokenised securities on a transparent and tamper-proof infrastructure in a time- and cost-efficient manner.

It enables you to invest in alternative tradable assets.

Your Account at NF7

With your no-cost digital custody account, you keep and manage your tokenized securities.

Zero Costs

No subscriptions, no custody fees. NF7 is entirely free of charge.

Regulated custody

We provide you with a free digital wallet.

No previous knowledge necessary

Are blockchain, tokens and wallets new to you? With NF7, you don't need any technical know-how.

Tradable assets

Your assets will also be tradable on our internal secondary market from 2023.

Automatic interest and dividend payments

Your interest and dividend payments are automatically paid into your bank account.

Still have questions?

Please have a look at our FAQ or contact us.

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Jane Daya


Invest in SMEs

Companies need capital to expand and scale their business activities. However, a classic capital market issue is associated with immense costs. SMEs do not have efficient access to the capital market.

The blockchain as the infrastructure of the capital market 2.0 enables SMEs to issue fungible securities in a time- and cost-efficient manner.

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