Tokenized securities

Do you have questions about tokenized securities?

Tokenized securities are digital tokens on a blockchain whose holders are entitled to membership rights or debt claims comparable to those of a share holder or holder of a debt instrument.

Tokenization lowers the entry barrier into the capital market and enables attractive investment opportunities in alternative asset classes.

We will launch our own secondary market around Q2 2023.

No, our investment offerings are regulated securities, not cryptocurrencies, NFTs or utility tokens.

Gains from securities are subject to capital gains tax of 25% in Germany. If you have any questions about taxation, please contact a tax advisor.

People from all over the world can invest in NF7. However, due to strict regulations, politically exposed persons and persons with tax liabilities in United States of America (USA), Canada, China, Australia or Iran can not invest.

Blockchain & Smart Contracts

Do you have questions about blockchain and smart contracts?

A blockchain is a distributed, decentralised database and stores information electronically in a digital, chained, transparent and immutable form.

No personal data is stored on the blockchain. Your personal data you input during the investment-process is stored on secure servers.

We rely on environmentally friendly and energy-efficient blockchain protocols such as Polygon or Stellar. 

A smart contract is programme code that defines the terms of the agreement between the buyer and seller. The code and the agreements it contains are stored and executed on a decentralised blockchain.

In the crypto scene, there have always been hacks and bugs in smart contracts. Therefore, uur smart contracts have gone through an intensive security audit and are protected against attacks.

We use smart contracts to create tokenized securities.


Do you have questions about Wallets?

You use your blockchain wallet to store your tokenized securities. It is comparable to the classic securities account.

Your wallet is completely free of charge for you.

While a classic custody account can only be obtained from banks, wallets can be created directly via the blockchain without intermediaries.

No, your wallet is automatically created during the first investment process.

Your wallet is custodied by a regulated service provider (Tangany GmbH), which holds the licence for crypto custody.

All private keys are securely generated and stored in a hardware security module (HSM). The HSM is certified to FIPS140-2, a US standard for bank-level security. The private key cannot be extracted from the HSM. 

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